12 x 24 Tile Shower: Everything You Need to Know


When it comes to designing or renovating a bathroom, one of the most important features is the shower. A great shower can make all the difference in your daily routine and add value to your home. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a shower design. When going with bathroom tile ideas you may want to consider having a 12 x 24 tile shower if you want a sleek and modern look.

Continue reading to find out what this type of tiled shower is and if it's best for you and your home!

What is a 12 x 24 tile shower?

12x24 tile shower

A 12 x 24 tile shower refers to the size of the tiles used in the shower. These tiles measure 12 inches by 24 inches, making them larger than traditional subway tiles and smaller than large format tiles. They are rectangular and can be installed horizontally, vertically, or both depending on your preference.

These tiles can be made from a variety of materials including:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural materials, then glazed and fired at high temperatures. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, making them a popular choice for bathrooms, especially in Denver.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also made from clay but they are denser and less porous than ceramic tiles. This makes the porcelain tile more durable and resistant to water, making it a great choice for showers.

Marble and Natural Stone Tiles

Marble and natural stone tiles add a touch of luxury to any shower. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you endless design options. However, they do require more maintenance as they are porous and can be prone to staining.

Advantages of a 12 x 24 tile shower

12x24 tile shower

There are many advantages to choosing a 12 x 24 tile shower for your bathroom. Here are just a few:

  • Modern and sleek design: The larger size of these tiles gives a contemporary and upscale look to any bathroom.
  • Easy maintenance: The larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Versatility: These tiles come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, allowing for endless design possibilities. For a classy design use a white tile for your room.
  • Cost-effective sale: 12 x 24 tiles are often less expensive than other tile sizes, making them an ideal budget-friendly option for your shower.
  • Durability: These tiles are known for their durability and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for high-use areas like a shower.

Disadvantages of a 12 x 24 tile shower

While there are many advantages to using 12 x 24 tiles for your shower, there are also a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Slippery: Because of their larger size, these tiles can be more slippery when wet. It's important to choose a non-slip option or use a bath mat for added safety.
  • Requires precision during installation: Larger tiles require more precision during installation, so it is recommended to hire a professional which will increase the overall cost of your project.
  • May not work for small spaces: The larger size of these tiles may not be suitable for smaller bathrooms as it can make the space feel even smaller.

How to incorporate a 12 x 24 tile shower in your bathroom design

There are several ways you can incorporate a 12 x 24 tile shower into your bathroom design. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create an accent wall: Use 12 x 24 tiles in a contrasting color or pattern to create an eye-catching accent wall in your shower.
  • Go for a monochromatic look: Choose the same tile for both your shower walls and floors, but vary the direction of installation for added interest.
  • Mix and match: Use a combination of 12 x 24 tiles and smaller tiles to create a unique design, such as using mosaic tiles for an accent strip.
  • Add texture: Opt for a textured tile to add depth and dimension to your shower walls.

Installation Process for a 12x24 Tile Shower

A man installing tile into a shower

Installing a 12 x 24 tile shower requires precision and careful planning. Here is a general overview of the process:

  • Preparation: Prepare your shower walls by removing any existing tiles or materials and ensuring the surface is clean and level.
  • Measurements: Take accurate measurements of your shower walls to determine how many tiles you will need, accounting for cutting and waste.
  • Layout: Plan out the layout of your tiles, deciding whether to install them horizontally or vertically and where any patterns or accents will be placed.
  • Cutting: Use a tile cutter or wet saw to cut tiles as needed for edges, corners, and other areas that require smaller pieces.
  • Adhesive: Apply a layer of tile adhesive or thin-set to the shower wall, using a trowel to create grooves for better adhesion.
  • Installation: Start at the bottom and work your way up, pressing each tile firmly into place with a slight twist motion to ensure proper adhesion. Use spacers between tiles for even spacing.
  • Grouting: Once the tiles have been set, remove the spacers and apply grout the grout. You will use a grout float to apply the grout you may want to use diffrent color grout with white tile depending on the design you go with. Once you have filled each gap with grout allow it to dry and wipe down with a damp sponge to remove the excess.
  • Finishing touches: Seal the grout after it has dried to prevent water damage, add any trim or decorative elements as desired, and enjoy your new 12 x 24 tile shower!

Maintenance tips

To maintain the pristine appearance of your shower, here are some essential maintenance tips to follow:

  • Regularly clean the tiles using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. This will help remove any dirt or grime without causing damage.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrub brushes when cleaning the tiles. These can scratch or dull the surface, compromising its overall look.
  • It is recommended to seal the grout every 6 months. This will prevent staining and keep the grout looking fresh and new. Use a grout sealer specifically designed for your tile type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 12 x 24 tiles suitable for shower floors?

While these tiles are commonly used on shower walls, they can also be a great choice for shower floors. Not only do they provide a cohesive look to your bathroom design, but they also offer excellent durability and water resistance. When selecting tiles for shower floors, it's crucial to choose a slip-resistant option to ensure safety. Additionally, proper installation is essential to prevent any accidents and maintain the longevity of your shower floor.

Can you mix different types of 12 x 24 tiles in one shower?

Yes, you can definitely mix and match different types of 12 x 24 tiles to create a unique design. It allows you to express your creativity and personalize your space. When combining tiles, it's important to consider their thickness and finish. Choosing tiles with similar thickness ensures a smooth and even installation while selecting tiles with matching finishes helps create a cohesive look.

Is it necessary to seal the tiles after installation?

Sealing both the tiles and grout after installation is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. This extra step can filter out moisture, preventing potential damage and helping to maintain their fresh appearance for a longer period of time.


12x24 tile shower

A 12x24 tile shower can be a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom. The versatility, modern design, and the fact it's extremely durable make it a popular choice among homeowners. With proper maintenance and careful consideration during installation, you can create a stunning shower that will enhance the overall look of your bathroom for years to come.

Don't miss out on the many benefits they have to offer, such as increased functionality, easy cleaning, and a luxurious spa-like experience. Upgrade your bathroom with a 12x24 tile shower and enjoy the endless possibilities it brings!

If you have any other questions or concerns with your tile shower project do not heasatate to reach out to our bathroom tiling team. you can reach us via phone (206) 472-8573 email [email protected] or directly from our site contact page our team would love to help and suport you with your project.

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Yes, Floors & Tile In Style offers a wide selection of materials that are suited for any style or budget. We carry high-quality tiles in ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and mosaic styles. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to help you select the perfect material for your project. With our large selection of colors and textures, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

I Want To Start A Tile Project? Where Should I Start?

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Yes, you can use your own tile with Floors & Tile In Style. You just need to make sure it is a material compatible with our installation services. We will provide assistance and advice during the selection process to ensure that the tiles you choose are suited for your project needs.

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Does Floors & Tile In Style Offer Tile Removal?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style offers tile removal services. Our experienced team can carefully remove your old tiles and dispose of them in the most eco-friendly way possible. We use specialized tools to carefully break and remove the tiles, ensuring that no damage is done to your walls or floors while minimizing dust and mess. Once the area is prepared, we will install new tiles with ease, making sure they are laid correctly for a perfect finish every time!

Does Floors & Tile In Style Offer Tile Repair?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style offers tile repair services. Our experienced team can identify and fix any issues with your tiles, such as chips or cracks. We use specialized tools and materials to make sure that the repair is done correctly and your tile looks like new once again! Depending on the damage, we can either fix the existing tiles or suggest replacements for a more durable solution.

Does Floors & Tile In Style Offer Tile Installation?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style offers tile installation services. We will work with you to select the right tiles for your project and provide expert advice on their installation. Our team is experienced in all aspects of tile installation, so you can rest assured that your project will be done correctly and efficiently. We take pride in offering a high-quality service and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the final results!

How Fast Can I Get A Tile Estimate?

We can provide you with an estimated cost and timeline for your tile project within 1-2 business days. Our team will assess the area carefully to determine the scope of work required, and we’ll also provide advice on selecting the best materials for your project. We strive to make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their experience, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today!

Does Floors & Tile In Style Offer Tile Sealing Services?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style offers tile sealing services. Our experienced team can apply a sealant to your tiles in order to protect them from moisture and dirt buildup, as well as make them easier to clean. We use specialized products that are designed for various types of tiles, so you can be sure that your project will be done correctly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on our tile-sealing services!

Do You Provide Floor Leveling Services Before Installation?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style does provide floor leveling services before installation. Our experienced team can use specialized tools and materials to make sure that your floors are level and ready for the installation of your new tiles. We take extra steps to ensure your tile is installed correctly so it looks great and lasts for years! Contact us today for more information on our floor leveling services.

How Long Will My Tile Project Take To Complete?

The length of time your tile project will take to complete depends on the size of the project and any additional repairs that may be needed. We will provide you with an estimated cost as well as a timeline for completion so that you can plan accordingly. Contact us today for more information!

Can I Get An Estimate For A Custom Tile Design Or Patterned Installation?

Yes, Floors & Tile In Style can provide you with an estimate for a custom tile design or patterned installation. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best layout and materials for your project, and then provide you with an estimated cost and timeline. Contact us today to get started on your custom tile design!

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